Saturdays at Gloria's - Front view hands holding delicious taco

Saturdays at Gloria’s

Fiesta every day! Enjoy vibrant Tex-Mex cuisine right in your neighborhood. Alexan Melissa offers more than just luxury living; it positions you in a prime spot in Melissa, TX, where the heart of Latin culture beats strongly at Gloria’s Latin Cuisine. Just a short walk from your doorstep, this family-friendly spot is known for its delightful blend of Salvadoran and Tex-Mex dishes, not to mention its famous mojitos and margaritas. Whether you’re looking for a lively dinner or a festive night out, Gloria’s turns every outing into a celebration. Discover for yourself what makes living at Alexan Melissa in such a prime location so exciting. Whether it’s the vibrant nightlife, the trendy eateries, or the charming local shops, there’s always something new to...

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Luxury Apartment Living - coworking lounge with big white rectangular table at the center with chairs and a big tv screen on the wall

Luxury Apartment Living

Imagine one of those tough days. You know, when even your coffee seems tired. Now, think of a place where comfort and luxury blend perfectly. Every day feels like a walk in a fancy magazine. Welcome to Alexan Melissa. Here, we’ve upgraded luxury apartment living to something more glamorous. Elegance here is more than just a word – it’s how you live. Our luxury amenities are...

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The Epitome of Stylish Living - apartment interior with granite countertops and designer tile backsplashes in the kitchen

The Epitome of Stylish Living

Imagine a world where your living space doesn’t just whisper luxury; it shouts it, albeit in a classy, sophisticated tone. That world is not in a far-off land. It’s right here at Alexan Melissa, where elegance meets everyday living. Here, every detail from the floor to the ceiling spells out ‘upscale’. It’s like living in a magazine spread, except you don’t...

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The Dream Life You've Always Wanted - spacious walk-in closet with metal shelves and wooden hangers

The Dream Life You’ve Always Wanted

At Alexan Melissa, “living in style” is more than just words; it’s our promise. Picture a place where luxury is in every little detail you see. The inside of our apartments is as pretty as the...

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The Perks of Upscale Living - Tom Yum Goong served on a black bowl

The Perks of Upscale Living

Living in Alexan Melissa offers more than just the perks of upscale living. It also brings you into the sphere of an elevated lifestyle, rich with culinary delights that are just a stone’s throw away. Among these, Lau Ba Thai shines as a beacon of flavor, offering a blend of luxury, tradition, and a dining experience that’s hard to forget. Imagine finding a place where every meal...

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