The Red Feather - food and wine pic by The Red Feather Jan 2022 on Yelp

The Red Feather

Many don’t think of tasty food when they think of apartment locations. But at Allora Melissa, things are different. When you make your move, try something new like The Red Feather. The vibrant culinary scene in our neighborhood is a testament to that. From local delicacies to global cuisines, everything’s within reach. Around us, there are excellent places to eat, perfect for those who are always hungry or just curious. Dive into an array of flavors right at your doorstep!

The Red Feather Delight

Near our apartments is a fantastic place called The Red Feather. Known in the neighborhood, The Red Feather dishes out some seriously yummy food. It’s a short distance from where you’d call home at Allora Melissa. Whether you’re planning for a chill, laid-back meal or gearing up for a delightful dinner experience that’s a bit more special, The Red Feather is indeed the place to be.

Food That Makes You Smile

Whenever you’re hungry, The Red Feather is ready to serve. Day or night, they’ve got you covered with menus tailored for each part of the day. Fancy a light bite? Start with some tasty snacks. If you’re in for a bigger meal, dive into a main dish like their chicken picatta or a flatbread of the month! No matter your choice, one thing’s sure: you’re in for a treat, as every dish here bursts with flavor!

Drinks For All

At The Red Feather, the drink options are aplenty. From fun cocktails that set the mood to a simple, refreshing soda or even a soothing cup of tea, they’ve ensured a range to satisfy all tastes. Made of real sugar and no artificial flavors or colors. So, when that thirst hits, or you’re in the mood for a drink, rest assured, The Red Feather has just what you need.

When you live at Allora Melissa, you’re near restaurants like The Red Feather. Come check out our apartments and join the fun. Join our VIP list for exclusive updates on pre-leasing and tours today!